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A) Technical Papers

Introduction to Watershed Click here
Technology and Water Resources Development Click here
Livelihood Enhancement through Mechanisation in Watershed Development – A Case Study Click here
Watershed Management for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation - A Case Study Click here

B) Management and Development

Voluntary Organisations in Watershed Management in India Click here
Capacity Building in Watershed Development Click here
Capacity Building of Tribal Women for Fruit Processing - A Case Study Click here
Sustainability in Watershed Management Click here
Approaches to Community Management of Groundwater in Deccan Traps Click here
Involving Community In Watershed Management: Challenges And Approaches Click here

C) Policy and Research

Drought in Jalna (Extreme Vulnerability and Adaptation) Click here
Governing Climate Extremes in Maharashtra Click here
Groundwater Use in Aurangabad (GW-Mate Case Profile 21) Click here
Community Based Groundwater Resource Management – A Case Study of Hivre Bazar (GW-Mate Case Profile 22) Click here
Assessment of Extreme Events on Dryland Ecosystems Click here
Climate Variability, Change and Extremes in Jalna Click here
Understanding the Context of Drought in Marathwada (EVA Policy Brief 1) Click here
Community Based Adaptation and Differential Vulnerability (EVA Policy Brief 2) Click here
Participatory Assessment of Adaptation Options (EVA Policy Brief 3) Click here
Governing Extreme Drought in Marathwada (EVA Policy Brief 4) Click here
Mapping of Drought Vulnerability and Risk Click here

Mandatory Declaration

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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019-20 Click here
Annual Report 2018-19 Click here
Annual Report 2017-18 Click here

Audited Statements of Accounts

Audit Statements for 2019-20 FY Click here
Audit Statements for 2018-19 FY Click here
Audit Statements for 2017-18 FY Click here